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Where friends and neighbours can give and get help, support, favours and treats from each other.

makes it EASY to ask, EASY to offer, EASY to give and EASY to get


Help • Support • Favours • Treats

“Can anybody give me a lift to the station?”

“Can anybody help me put together a flatpack wardrobe?”

“Can anybody help me with my French conversation?”

“Does anybody want a load of spare apples?”

“Can anybody take Dolly (my dog) for her daily walk?”

“Can anybody help me with my budgeting?”

“Can anybody help me set up shopping online?”

“I’m baking on Sat would anyone like some scones?”

Giving & Getting Ideas


People You Can Trust - you decide

your friends and neighbours

their friends

and their friends


How does it work?

In a few clicks your request will go to members

They can respond at the click of a button if they can help

You choose which offer to accept

Tokens transfer automatically to and from Givers and Getters

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Pat and Mike

We want to build a big supportive community where we all genuinely connect with each other. We believe we can make better use of what we have, whether these are our skills, our time or our things, by sharing them with others. By sharing, we don’t just make better use of our resources, we can build stronger communities together. It is a good feeling to be supported by neighbours and friends. Let’s spread that good feeling around.

~ Pat and Mike